View Full Version : FOUND: North Face jacket near Hot Springs, NC

06-21-2016, 17:52
Found a North Face jacket, probably lost on Saturday 18th of June within about a mile or so of Walnut Mountain. If you can describe it, I'll get it to you.

06-26-2016, 13:19
Actually, I lost one back during my section hike in 2013 that no one forwarded to me. It only cost me $25 at Academy but it was pretty warm. It was Blue, black and white if I remember correctly and was mostly duck features. I THINK I left it behind in a shelter, and I can't remember which one. Does the stuff sack it's in look a little weathered? I know this is a stretch but no harm in trying......

06-26-2016, 13:20
But it WAS a North Face, I'm sure.....

06-28-2016, 11:12
No, sorry but this one is not yours. Was found right on the trail. Was left hanging on a tree by another hiker who found it. He told us about it, and it appeared to belong to a NOBO because we had not passed any SOBO for a long time. We saw it still hanging on the way down into Hot Springs next morning. I picked it up hoping to find the owner on the way into Hot Springs, but no luck.