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06-22-2016, 11:58
Hello! Sorry if this has been asked or if this is in the wrong spot.
I am looking for a good set of trail maps of George Washington nation forest. The rangers reccomend the Nation Geographic maps because they no longer provide their own. Does anyone have these old maps? Are they floating around somewhere? Any good ones aside from Nat Geo?

Thanks so much!

06-22-2016, 16:49
Assuming you mean the George Washingon National Forest that's (mostly) in Virginia...

I have a mix of Nat Geo and PATC maps for much of Virginia/Maryland.

The Nat Geo are easy enough to find online or at sports stores (my local Bass Pro Shop even has them).

PATC maps are here: https://www.patc.net/PublicView/Store/BrowseCategories/Core/Orders/category.aspx?catid=5

It depends on where in the GWNF you want to hike. I don't know that the PATC maps cover all of it.

06-22-2016, 22:48
Great! Thanks so much for the response, Mobius. I think I have been pretty spoiled with the NY/NJ Trail Conference maps (I use the 2005 versions), so I am having trouble finding something comparable. Looks to me like the PATC maps should be pretty good.
Thanks again!