View Full Version : Late Season Hiker Numbers?

06-29-2016, 11:47
I was forced to suspend my NOBO thru-hike after almost 600 miles due to an injury. As a result, Iíve had hip replacement surgery. Iím considering continuing my hike starting in mid-September with the goal of reaching Harpers Ferry by late October. My question, are there many hikers on the trail at that time of year? I donít mind a little solitude, but for safety reasons, it would be nice to see a few people from time to time.

06-29-2016, 13:26
The only "thru hikers" your likely to meet there would be SOBO's thrus or flip floppers. There could well be other section hikers doing more or less what your doing at the same time. The trail will likely be pretty quiet during the week, but it's unlikely that you'll be too lonely.

06-29-2016, 14:57
I plan to go NOBO from Springer in late August for a few months, and from what I've gathered, it does appear that I, and you, will be quite "lonely" for the most part. I won't be going all the way through, but I would like to make it to Pennsylvania in a couple months and be back home early to mid November.

06-29-2016, 16:35
I have photos of my grandchildren and a snowman taken on Halloween in Boone, NC. Be prepared. Be warm.

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