View Full Version : Gentian Pond Shelter NH - Quickest side trail in to this shelter?

06-29-2016, 14:28
I need to pick up the AT at Gentian Pond Shelter to begin my next Northbound section. I saw somebody's earlier post which wrote about a two mile trail from a nearby road to the shelter which the trail crew used. Does anybody know where my wife could drive our Prius in and drop me off, as close as possible? Also ...... it would be VERY HELPFUL to give me directions to this spot from the nearest mapped or GPS available intersection. Thank you so much! Strummystick

06-29-2016, 15:26
Success pond road? Why not pick up the At where it crosses RT 2?

06-29-2016, 15:59
Success pond road? Why not pick up the At where it crosses RT 2?

No, not Success, but that can be used to get to Carlo Col. There are basically three ways to go. You'll need a map. Access is via the North road, to the east of where the AT diverges to go up the dirt, Hogan Rd. The shortest route is via the Austen brook trail, but a Prius would not make if far up the old logging road. You'd have to start at the trail head on the North Road, but it only adds 1.5 miles and is basically flat. Once you get to the beaver bog, it's a very steep 1/2 mile climb to the shelter.

A somewhat longer way to go would be via the Peabody brook trail, which also starts at the North road. (you have to look very carefully for the trail head signs as they are not very obvious when you drive by). You have to connect several trails together to get to Gentian. All together it's 5.5 miles via the AT (Mahoosuc trail) or 6 miles via Dyad and Austin brook trail. I used this combination of trails last weekend to get back to the road after having come up via the AT the day before and spending the night at the shelter.

The advantage of the Peabody/Dryad/Austin brook combo is there are two waterfalls and ledges with great views (it's a long side trail, but the Bald cap ledges are worth the walk) along the way. There are a couple of long and steep climbs, but there is no way around that. What really annoying is you loose a lot of elevation on the Dyad trail, which you have to then make up on the Austin brook trail. At least the Dyad trail is old logging tote road, so is real easy. If you use the AT route instead, you still have a big climb to make and then drop down into Gentian pond, so it's a wash in terms of effort.

In any event, if you don't use the AT approach from Hogen road, get a map. Someone would have to drive out there and get the GPS numbers, sorry, I'm not headed back that way soon.

06-29-2016, 16:16
Thank you so much for the detailed options! I believe that I'm going to use the Austin Brook Trail from North Rd, since I'm thinking that I will also try to make it on North to the Carlo Col Shelter before nightfall.

06-29-2016, 17:11
The Austin Brook Trail intersects a generally well maintained logging road that dependent upon logging activity will save up to 1.5 miles of walking. The road is signed as the Millbrook Road. The easiest approach is take the Meadow road off of RT2 in Shelburne. Cross the river and bear left at the T intersection. Millbrook Road turns right off of North Road after the T. About a 1/2 mile in bear left at the intersection. Then drive about a mile to where the Austin Brook trail comes out of the woods from the left. The Austin Brook Trail runs along the road and then eventually diverges off it and heads up to the Pond.

The problem with this route is that there is varying logging activity on the road and on occasion one of the bridges is removed. The much easier option is just follow Austin Brook Trail out to the North Road to the official trailhead. Meadow road would be used from RT2, at the T take a left and follow north road until you drive over small bridge, Austin Brook trail comes in from the right through a wooden gate.