View Full Version : Need a ride from Harpers Ferry to Springer...

01-06-2006, 14:19

I am parking my truck and camper in Harpers Ferry (doing
a flip/flop from there)

Looking for a ride to Springer in Mid-March or later for me and
my dog (Springer Spaniel) Yes...my Springer is going to Springer :)

If interested in spliting gas $ etc...please let me know. I am flexable
as far as a start date.

fyi- I am 48yo...retired from computer biz...very normal person...but
have a pretty twisted since of humor...haha

Also- I will be heading to Harpers Ferry from Indianapolis- So If one or 2 others want to work out a ride in my truck to Harpers and on to Springer from there that is of great interest to me as well...

and Burnt Fur

01-21-2006, 23:09
If you were doing it in early May, I coulda done it. :-(