View Full Version : TMB Gear List - first take; Leaving in 2 weeks, need help on gear decisions!

07-13-2016, 01:55
Hey everyone,

Heading out to the Tour Du Mont Blanc (TMB) a 110 mile hike in the swiss alps in 2 weeks. I've put together a first run at a gear list but am having a hard time with a few items. Base Weight is currently estimated around 15.5 lbs but I'm open to changes on my list. Here's some questions I was hoping to get help with:

Gear List here: https://lighterpack.com/r/ft4ut4

- Sleeping Pad: I have a Thermarest Ridgerest (14oz) but am considering upgrading for this trip with a real air mattress. I'm deciding between the neo air xlite (12oz; used it once and liked it but it was loud when you move), rei flash (16oz; used it and liked it), Klymit static (18oz), and thermarest prolite (18oz). Any ideas on which one to pick or other alternatives. I'd like to spend less than $100 ideally (or way less)

- Sleeping Bag: Looking at the mountain hardwear line as then my girlfriend and I can zip together. Need a long. There's a few between 1-2.5lbs that look promising with a 32 degree rating; any recommendations?

- Dry Bags: looking at upgrading as the bags I use are very low quality. Was looking at the Ultra Sil Sea to Summit bags; I think three would do for storing clothes (8L), electronics (4L), and hygiene/first aid/kitchen (8L). Based on my gear does that seem sufficient?

- Puffy Coat: if you've done the TMB, do you think I need one? Mine is about 11 ounces. It's about 70highs and 50 lows right now.

- Long Underwear bottoms: do I need them

- Cook set: Do I need to bring one? We plan on sleeping in a tent part of the time but also in refuges sometimes.

- Voltage converter: Anyone aware of a lightweight one? The only ones I found are huge power adaptors.

- Any other thoughts or helpful ideas/gear changes?