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01-06-2006, 19:32
Looks like the details have (more or less, we are hikers after all) benn done for the Rockies Ruck. So it is the original posting with more info added. Last year we had the first (and hopefully!) annual Rockies Ruck. It was a great success. About twenty hikers in Boulder, CO. We ate (boy, did we eat!), watched slide shows and enjoyed talking trail.

There have always been Gatherings, Rucks and Trail Days on the East and West coasts..felt it was time to bring a get together to the Rockies. We are all sick of flying to see our hiker buddies. :D

The Ruck is a low key get together for those who enjoy the long trails. Does not matter if you are thru-hiker, a section hiker, day hiker or a dreamer...you just need to love the outdoors and the long trails! More info on what a Ruck is all about: http://friends.backcountry.net/ruck/

This year, we are having the Ruck at the Leadville Hostel (http://www.leadvillehostel.com) in Leadville, CO on Feb 24-26th. We did it this early so all the ATers can get inspired for their big trek!

Some of you CDTers/CTers probably know Wild Bill from your stay at the hostel. He is very hiker friendly and very excited to be hosting us! Saw him in Leadville in August and he is looking forward to having the hikers over.
For more info on what is a ruck go to: http://friends.backcountry.net/ruck/
Unlike last year, the food is being made for us.

Here's what WB said:
Okay Paul, I put pencil to paper and came up with this price -- With 2 breakfasts & 2 dinners/ upstairs in the semi-private rooms it will be $70 per person plus tax. With 2 breakfasts & 2 dinners/ downstairs in the dorm rooms it will be $60 per person plus tax. There is an additional surcharge if a Saturday lunch is included ( $7) If anyone desires a private or couples room the nightly fee can be adjusted accordingly. Please let us know if there are any guests that are vegetarians or have any dietary restrictions. Let me know your thoughts on these items. WB

****** Mags again:
Seems about right. If you are interested in going, reserve with Bill:
Let him know it is for the Rockies Ruck.
Organizing the schedule of events now. Always like input!

The Ruck message group is at: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/rockies_ruck/

More questions? e-mail me: pmags AT yahoo DOT com

01-06-2006, 19:48
Leadville was my favorite town along the CDT in Colorado, the hostel, the best on the trail and Wild Bill was a great host. It sounds like the makings of a awesome Ruck!

I wish I lived closer or had the time and money.