View Full Version : Wrong raj gear?

07-18-2016, 13:51
Ijust bought Patagonia torrentshell rain jacket and pants. Are these two heavy? Is it OK for a one-week hike on the a T? How about a through hike?

07-18-2016, 13:52
That was supposed to say rain gear. Not Raj gear. Sorry

07-18-2016, 15:50
I don't have any experience with that particular brand. However, if you're looking for options...
We recently purchased and tried out hiking umbrellas. We got them for shade on extended above-treeline hiking. The wind was too strong on one day, and the trail was too narrow on another day, but we did get some good use out of them, though not yet for rain. One of the worst things about hiking in rain is becoming overheated inside a rain jacket, but not feeling that you can just take it off for fear of becoming chilled. The umbrella is a potential solution.


Feral Bill
07-18-2016, 19:04
Specs look light enough. I'm going with a Packa, when I get out next