View Full Version : Lost Sling Pack & Lenses in Troutdale

07-24-2016, 17:09
On Sunday, June 26, my wife and I were passing through Troutdale, Virginia, on our way home to central North Carolina after a weekend of camping and hiking at the Hurricane campground. We picked up a thru-hiker to give him a lift into town and dropped him off at the Troutdale Baptist Church Hostel. Somewhere between stowing his gear in the car and dropping him off at the hostel, we didn't securely close the back hatch of our car, it opened, and some items fell out somewhere in the vicinity, including a small Lowepro sling pack containing two lenses (Sony 55-210mm and Sigma 60mm), as well as some filters, spare batteries, etc. I'd love to get those lenses back, as I can't afford to replace them. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.