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07-25-2016, 11:53
As we head deeper into the current drought situation, here is the current list of dry water sources.

Schagticoke Campsite
Sharon Mtn. Campsite
Riga Shelter/Campsite
Sages Spring. The stream is still running.

While these sites are the ones that often go dry first, unless we get substantial rain, others will surely follow.

Jim Liptack
CT-AMC Overseer of Trails

08-06-2016, 10:05
Thanks for the update Jim! Have you heard anything from your Mass colleagues on what it looks like in terms of water?

08-06-2016, 12:03
I'm planning to be on the AT in NW Connecticut next week. Just checked the long-term forecast for Salisbury, and there's a decent chance of thunderstorms from Wednesday 10 Aug. through the following Monday. With any luck there will be some decent rain along with the thunder and lightning.

08-06-2016, 14:15
Springs are drying up all over. A lot of the springs in Maine are turning up dry. The reliable stream which supplies me with water has turned into a trickle. I had to pipe water from a pool 100 feet farther up stream into my cistern yesterday.

A thunderstorm or two doesn't do much to replenish the ground water supply. Most of it all runs off quickly. It will take a month of steady, light rain to do any good and that doesn't seem likely for the near future.

08-06-2016, 15:59
and guess where I'm headed the week after CT? Maine.

08-07-2016, 20:19
We just came off trail at Route 341 in Kent. The only water we saw south of there was at Thayer Brook just south of Mt. Algo. Other than that its pretty dry up there...

Teacher & Snacktime
08-07-2016, 22:01
and guess where I'm headed the week after CT? Maine.

Hmmm.....CT then Maine? Sounds like a couple of places I'd like to go :) maybe we'll bump into each other!!!

Seriously though, do we have a plan for water sources in CT or are we just carrying, and do you want me to hang around in NH and ME after dropping off Rainman to keep you water-supplied?

08-27-2016, 17:18
Here is the most up to date information we have. It comes to us from the CT/MA Ridgerunners.
Jim Liptack
CT-AMC Overseer of Trails

Water Report CT and S. MA
10 mile Pump: Good
Schaghticoke Mtn Campsite: NO flow, NO puddles
Thayer Brook: Good
Mt. Algo Shelter: NO Flow, NO puddles
Spring at River Rd (South gate): 2 streams with small flow, NO spring
Stewart Hollow: NO flow, NO puddles
Stony Brook Group: Flowing
River Rd. (North end) Spring: Flowing Well
Silver Hill Camp: Great source, long pump time 35-40 pumps needed to start water
Hatch Brook: Clear and flowing well
Caesar Brook: Clear and flowing well
Carse Brook: Non existent
Pine Swamp Shelter: Only pond remains, stream dry
Sharon Mtn Camp: NO Flow NO puddles
Belter’s Camp: Large clear pool present
Spring at Bottom of Prospect Mtn: Slow flow but clear
Limestone Shelter: Slow flow but clear
CT 41 Spring: Unknown
Riga Shelter: Dry
Ball Brook Camp: Good
Brassie Brook: Good
Sages Ravine: Good
Laurel Ridge: Good
Race Brook: Dry, small trickle .3 miles down trail from campsite.
Hemlocks: Dry
Glen brook: Large puddle some trickle down rock.

Sarcasm the elf
08-27-2016, 17:34
Much appreciated LiptackJ.

08-28-2016, 20:25
Hemlocks can use water at Glen Brook. About 100 yds down the hill in front of the shelter.


08-28-2016, 20:25
Hemlocks can use water at Glen Brook. About 100 yds down the hill in front of the shelter.


08-29-2016, 10:10
You can try at the Housatonic High School either at the greenhouse or the sports fields around back. I got water St the tennis courts in May

Sarcasm the elf
09-01-2016, 13:36
It's been raining all morning in CT and it's pouring in Southwestern CT at the moment. The current forcast also calls for us to get hit by the tail end of a tropical depression over the weekend. Hopefully this will help ease the drought a bit.

09-01-2016, 14:24
I hope it does help the drought, we are down some 14-inches over the last two years in the northwestern corner. We need a few days of a good, soaking rain.

09-01-2016, 14:51
Thanks Jim - yeah was at Algo last sat and stream there was totally dry, but the one a few miles north just south of Skiff Mtn road was flowing lightly and usable. That was 5 days ago though.