View Full Version : Laurel Highlands Trail, PA September 2016

07-30-2016, 20:38
Older, female, experienced hiker planning a leisurely thru-hike of the 70-mile LHT 9/19 - 9/28. Averaging 8 mile days with a Zero Day at Kooser State Park on 9/24. Would love a hiking companion but hike isn't dependent on having one. Just nicer to share the views, trail experiences, and campsites with a fellow hiker. I have a ride to the trail from my home in the DC area, so if you can get to DC on 9/18 or early 9/19, you can ride to the Trailhead with me. Same for the return after the hike. Because of trail conditions, some backpacking experience is required, but I have introduced many to the joys of backpacking over the years, so I'm a patient companion if you're looking to "try" a thru-hike.

08-01-2016, 19:04
This sounds great! I wasn't able to do the Harpers Ferry hike, and would love to get out backpacking this fall - hopefully it will be a bit cooler!
I am in NJ, and it looks like about the same distance driving to DC as to the trailhead. I am also older (58) and mid level - 8-10 miles a day is just my speed!
Are you planning on staying in the shelters, or tenting/hammocking?

08-01-2016, 20:31
I'm planning to stay at shelters; however, I've been known to pitch a tent in a shelter to keep the mice/snakes off me. Haven't decided yet on whether to carry a tent or not, but I always carry at least a tarp for emergency camping. I have an possible itinerary that I can send via pm or post if you want to see it. I haven't made shelter reservations yet but will soon. Need to get my leave finalized at work first, but I have the initial approval so shouldn't be a problem.

08-03-2016, 13:46
Ive sent you a pm with my contact info.

08-03-2016, 21:34
Thanks, Anne. I got it and sent you the itinerary via email. Looking forward to having some company on the LHT.

08-05-2016, 11:04
Thanks! Now that I look at the trail info and websites those shelters look pretty good! Maybe I'll plan on using them instead of the tent - and it is great we can resupply halfway through. Do you think reservations will be hard to get? I'ld like to wait until the end of this month to finalize my plans - but if you think the spots will be taken I'll make the reservations now.

09-17-2016, 05:39
Well, it's all come together. The pack is sitting by the door as ready as I am to get on the LHHT. Wendelcat and I start hiking Monday! Looking forward to spending some time in the mountains.

09-21-2016, 14:50
Have a lovely time. I hiked about half of that trail (the Ohiopyle end) in November of 2014 - a couple of long day hikes with a complicated shuttle system (boyfriend was biking the GAP at the same time). It's a really nice trail. Would love to do the whole thing some day.

09-30-2016, 12:54
Wendelcat and I had a wonderful and successful thru-hike of the LHHT, finishing two days ago. I hate threads that just drop and you never know if the posters did what they said they were going to do, so thought I'd post a followup. If you'd like to read about our hike and see pictures I have a Trail Journal at this link:

http://www.trailjournals.com/Surefoot92/ I have no idea why the picture is upside down or how to right it.