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01-08-2006, 04:30
shelter: hennessey hammock backpacker asym UL

sleeping bag: JRB nest under and NS over quilt/nest under weathershield

pack: ULA P2(no longer available)

kitchen: 1 lexan fork and spoon/jetboil cooking system

sorry I dont know the weight of all of this stuff. I guess I really dont care cause its working for me. I have spent many hours researching and comparing products. this is what else I have...

Golite half length zip top
Golite endurance L/S top
MH mens windstopper tech jacket
EMS pants that convert to shorts
EMS rain jacket and pants(a little heavy but trail rated IMHO)
3pr. smartwool Exp. trek socks/3pr.EMS wickdry linersocks
OR liner gloves
BRooks Tresspass 2 trail shoes/asics gel eagle trail IV
(2 prs. of Brooks shoes for Maine to VT. and asics the rest of the way)
ULA amigo filtration system
moleskin/blister care kit
data book for 2006
maccat deluxe tarp (upon experimenting with the standard size tarp I decided to go bigger for more shelter space. personal preference)
2Ltr. platypus for water
sylnyl stuff sacks for clothes, food, sleep stuff, raingear and whathaveyas
halogen headlamp from EMS
REI peak UL carbon fiber poles(in case I need to set up on dirt-heaven forbid)