View Full Version : Water sources: Carvers Gap north to US 19E

08-14-2016, 18:19
Anyone been there in the past week or so?
I did part of it just a few weeks ago and easily got water near Grassy Ridge.
Since then I've heard that source is now dry. And I've heard the source north of Little Hump (near some campsites) is dry, too.
We've had some good rain in the Charlotte area; any of it also hit Carvers, etc.?

Thanks for the info.

Tennessee Viking
08-15-2016, 09:03
Keep an eye on Rays Weather.

As far as I have heard, its rained some west and north of the Roan. But its been high humidity low rain in some parts of Tennessee mtns.

Usually the spring just north of Grassy Ridge is always running.
Walk down the Barn Shelter road. There are some more streams. There is an old piped spring just below the parking area gate.

Gambit McCrae
08-15-2016, 09:59
over the years, mainly in summer months I have been to the barn 5 times. Never has it been dry. Looking for firewood last trip, I walked down the old road bed past the AT connector trail, and there are several other streams that by ear, seemed to be running stronger then the one marked for use. Doll flats water I have never been to but I could see it running dry at times of the year since they never relocated apple orchard shelter further south from the road to that location.

08-15-2016, 15:17
Did this section Aug 6-7. No water at campsite north of Little Hump, but Overmountain Shelter source was flowing, as was Doll Flats and Massive stone wall. It was the berries! Literally, blueberries and blackberries galore. Enjoy!!

08-16-2016, 19:47
Thanks for all the info.
I figure we'll top up at Grassy Ridge if it's running, and then at the barn. What's a few extra liters in the pack on the way up Little Hump, eh?
And glad to hear there are still berries left!