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08-16-2016, 09:45
Good morning!
I'm working on finalizing my family's plans for our section hike of the 100 mile wilderness beginning in Monson this Saturday, and have one final worry that I need some help with!
I have been studying the ATC maps with shelters and tent sites, and have also found some helpful information on https://backpackinglight.com/100-mile-wilderness-amc/ as well. However, that article was written 2 years ago, and maps published before that, it seems.
So, I understand this is a busy time of year to be doing this stretch of the trail, but unfortunately, that's the way my vacation time worked out this year. So my worry, with the bubble of people around us, and having to hike slower and for longer hours during the day (7 & 9 year old legs are a bit shorter than hubby's and mine), what are the chances that all the tent sites will be utilized by the time we arrive for the evening? We will not be staying in the shelters, but just need some space for our tents.
We plan on taking 10 days to go from Monson to summit Katahdin and have booked a night in Baxter for the last night, so that's the one night I'm not worried about. The other nine, just a bit.
Oh, and the four of us use 2 tents, an REI quarter dome 2 and quarter dome 3, so they don't take a ton of space.

Any insight by current or past thru on how sharing with section hikers work would be so much appreciated!

08-16-2016, 10:06
Antlers campsite. Best there is. Get there early that day. Snag a site near the end of the peninsula.

08-16-2016, 11:23
I was through there the 1st week of August and we didn't have any problems. Although there were around 40 kids at Antlers we continued on to the beach area further north on the trail. I would suggest stopping at 100 mile wilderness outfitters on Pleasant ST. in Monson. Phil will mark your maps with the stealth sites that are available, or contact me. (717) 278-6717 Iceman

08-16-2016, 13:27
There are (or were ) several outfits that ran youths through the wilderness for the entire summer season, there were sites they avoided that had limited camping (like Chairback Gap) and tended to use alternative sites (frequently tens sites only as shelters draw the crowds). I many cases there is usually flat camping nearby a shelter but it may be 15 minute walk.

06-05-2019, 16:19
When I did the 100MW 5 years ago I only slept in a the shelters 3 nights (out of 10), the rest was hammocking (my friend had a tent). We never had a hard time finding spots to camp.

06-05-2019, 16:20
crap this thread is 3 years old.