View Full Version : Thoughts on Altra for long-distance backpacking

Que Sera
08-22-2016, 13:54
I think I'm pretty firmly on Team Trail Runner when it comes to the trail runners vs. hiking boots for day hikes and short backpacking trips. I love light-weight, breathable, but still supportive and with solid tread.

I've heard great things about Altra recently, specifically the Lone Peak. I'd love to hear some reviews from people who have worn them for long backpacking trips and even AT thru-hikes. How to they hold up while carrying a full pack over many miles? I know they're not waterproof so what are your thoughts on wearing them over many days in potentially wet conditions?

Really any feedback in general would be appreciated. Thanks!

08-22-2016, 14:03
I've used the Lone Peak's for a few short AT section hikes and I like them but can't comment on long term durability yet.

BTW, no shoe is waterproof, nor do you really want one that pretends to be as they will always get wet and don't dry quickly. Better to have shoes that gets wet but made of quick drying materials.

08-22-2016, 16:55
I just got a pair of LP 3.0...very impressed with comfort. Looking forward to using them in Co next month...

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