View Full Version : Fishing in the 100 Mile Wilderness

Del Q
08-22-2016, 18:28
Hi all.........heading out in late Sept to do the 100 mile wilderness, is fishing a viable option as a food source?

If so what gear did you pack?
Would "Tom Sawyer" mode work, just bring line, hooks, dig for worms or use bread..........stoke up the fire???


08-22-2016, 18:42

A. Important: From August 16 – September 30, fishing on rivers, streams, and brooks statewide is restricted to the use of artificial lures only and a total daily bag limit of landlocked salmon, trout and togue: 1 fish.

Bringsome small lures instead of hooks if you're interested in staying legal. Hand line will suffice if you don't want to carry a rod, but the one fish a day limit means you won't be feasting unless you nab a lunker. Still, a good sized trout or salmon beats the heck out of most anything you can carry in, so I'd say grab a license online (http://www.maine.gov/ifw/index.html) and give it a shot.

Del Q
08-22-2016, 19:28
One fish a day, that is like a snickers bar.................hmmm

After Oct 1st game changes so that is OK..............maybe I will just bring some line, hooks, lures, old orange spade I never used for you know what for soild worm diggin..............take my shoes and socks off and cast a line on whatever long stick is around.

Wasabi and some soy sauce, catch & eat........or is that catch & release??

08-22-2016, 19:29
I fish tenkara. And will deffinitly fish a couple states. And the poles wheigh very little. Heck one fish is perfectly acceptable to me!

Del Q
09-02-2016, 20:11
I am going with Tankara setup but line only - with a screw hook, will find a suitable stick..............the fish should be very concerned.