View Full Version : Where's the torso length - on the pack!!

08-25-2016, 21:09
Trying to fit an adjustable pack for my daughter. The pack has an adjustable torso length, but no markings to indicate the length.

Between what two points do I measure on the pack to set the torso length? Center of belt to start of straps, top of straps, ???

I cannot find any website that shows the measurement on the pack - just measuring on the person.

08-25-2016, 21:15
http://www.mysteryranch.com/fitting-and-sizing click the fit tab for a video guessing it is similar adjustment.

08-25-2016, 21:33
In general, for an internal frame pack, I would start by putting the hip belt around the waist just above the hips (i.e., higher than many people put it), then adjust the torso length so that the shoulder harness wraps nicely over the shoulders without any gaps. If the shoulder straps are sticking out above the shoulders, it's too long. If the ends of the straps are just barely over her shoulders, probably too short.

What pack is it?

08-26-2016, 09:01
I have two adjustable torso packs...ZPacks Arc Haul and ULA Circuit. The best thing I found was to try the pack on with some of my gear inside and tighten all the straps so I was getting a good feel, then take it off, adjust it and put it back on again, repeating until it felt about right. Until I was out on the trail though I never could get the fit dialed in at home; I always end up adjusting a pack out on the trail to get that perfect fit when I'm actually hiking with a full load, going up and down hill, crossing creeks etc.

I don't think there is a one size fits all method for fitting a pack to you...my pack sits lower on my hips than most people because of the way I am built and for comfort, and I like to have my shoulder straps a little higher than some even though it's not a technically "correct" fit because that's what works for me.