View Full Version : water sources in TN/NC

08-26-2016, 21:44
Heading out next week...heading north from Davenport Gap.

Just wondering how the water is running...??


08-28-2016, 11:08
curious about this too going to be heading out from davenport the 29th of sept or so.

Mr. Bumpy
08-28-2016, 16:28
I just did Sams Gap to HS. Water at the shelters was fine. In between was not. Even though there have been thunderstorms around here the seasonal springs and trickles were only damp to nonexistent - even ones that guidebooks say should be good are not. I didn't get caught out dry but I passed someone who was and was surprised in that "The book said this water flows all year." It would be the same from Davenport Gap to HS. Safe advise is to fill up at shelters and cary an extra liter above what you usually cary.

By the end of Sept things will probably be better. At least it won't be hot.

08-29-2016, 16:06
Thanks for letting me know.

I usually go light on water containers, but will carry an extra 3 liter hydration sleeve this hike!!!

~ Krinkles