View Full Version : When is it too late to start a SOBO Thru of the AZT?

08-31-2016, 10:17
Being a rebel and posting this here since the AZT forum is super low traffic.

It looks like I will have two months in the fall to do a thru hike of the AZT. Ideally, I will be able to start mid-October. However, there is a chance it won't happen until early November. When is it "too late" (I know it is all relative but in terms of experiencing more severe weather) to start a SOBO of the AZT.

Thank you WB!!

08-31-2016, 11:33
Early Fall -late Sept early Oct.. Expect some water sources to be dried up, some services to be closed, etc. More AZTers go NOBO than SOBO so figure that into your trail social life. Might have to take lower elev alternates if early snow is experienced at the higher elevations. Should be OK though. Advantage is starting at the north has some easy tread disregarding san Francisco Peaks and GC NP. Nice to get past GC NP before the head cold sets in and the N. Rim is still open. You'll be hiking SOBO with Fall. The Sonoran Desert in high season with all the flowering plants in a wet spring was much preferable to myself.

Don't go in circles. You are all over the place talking about many different thru-hikes procrastinating actually getting out backpacking. Pick a hike and go! Don't be just a cyber hiker/talker. Stop talking and procrastinating. AND, FWIW STOP considering a LD hike to be a thru-hike as an end to ender on a named trail. Too many already do that. For example, all the trails/routes you've asked about cross other trails perhaps not as well known or easily recognized BUT still make worthy hikes based on the goals you offered months ago. For example, close to home you can hike to your heart's content on a hike OF YOUR DESIGN that involves segments of the AT, BMT, Pinhoti, Bartram, Iron Mt, etc etc. And, lets be real. You certainly seem like you are bent on designing your own hike. Well, times a wasting. At this stage you have to choose your hike and prepare. Preparing by being scatterbrained as to nailing down a hike may leave you not hiking in the end. The AZT connects to or cojoins other trails/routes as well. DO NOT GET SO HUNG UP ON A THRU HIKE AS OTHERS DEFINE IT! Seems like you've fallen for the idea that your hike has to be this E P I C affair that has to be a thru-hike as others have. GO.

PICK a hike! Prepare - NOW. GO.

08-31-2016, 12:14
Thank you. Appreciate the input.