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Big Hill
08-31-2016, 16:54
Hi folks -

My first post, hopefully I get the terminology down.

I live near the AT and recently (for the first time) started doing little out and backs of a couple total miles. I've been using an old fishing backpack and only taking water with me.

I want to start doing longer day trips when time allows and have been looking for the proper daypack. I'd like to take a water filtration device, first aid, headlamp (just in case), layers, etc.... I went to the closest REI, about an hour away, but their inventory was very low since they are int he midst of a big sale. I ordered the Osprey Talon 22 based on online reviews and received it today.

I'm just over 6' but have a long torso, usually needing long shirts and my legs only have a 31" inseam. The hip belt, which barely makes it around my size 40 waist, is higher then I think it should be and isn't that comfortable. The mesh section is mostly in my back rendering the pockets not very usable for convenience. The belt sits more on my love handles (I am working on that) then on my hips.

With all of that out of the way...does it matter, really, with light loads expected, that the bag doesn't sit ideally? Is there a more adjustable daypack that I should be looking at or is that the nature of the beast with daypacks?

I'm hoping that I will be able to progress to overnight trips one day with a different bag but 2 right shoulder surgeries and 2 herniated discs in my neck last winter might make that not realistic. Either way, I would like to do more then I am now.

Thanks for humoring the rookie :-)

08-31-2016, 17:04
I have an Osprey hydration pack that has a belt because I am a very little person and find it comfortable and I like to have the pockets for my chapstick and camera since I don't have any other pockets on my hiking pants, but I would venture to guess that most people don't have a belt on their day pack.

Big Hill
08-31-2016, 18:12
Thanks for the reply. Maybe I should have purchased something smaller then without the belt. Chapstick and snacks, etc... is exactly what I thought I would use the belt pockets for but I can't reach them with the pack on. I'm also not sure that the belt will fit at all with a couple layers on in the winter.

Another Kevin
08-31-2016, 18:22
First question: You did get that Talon 22 in the M/L and not the S/M, right? The S/M will DEFINITELY not fit you. Once we have the possibility of "they shipped the wrong size" out of the way...

I have the same problem to a lesser extent.

I wanted a belt on my day pack, because sometimes I'm carrying multiple heavy laptop computers through an airport. (Don't ask....) I also have a long torso - I'm not quite as tall as you, nor as short in the leg, but in most packs a Regular will not fit me. I eventually wound up going to Tough Traveler (http://www.toughtraveler.com/) (the factory is local to me, and my wife is friends with the owner) and getting fitted. They sold me a Super Cay (http://www.toughtraveler.com/lug/supercay.asp), which carries nicely with the belt sitting atop my hips as the dear Lord intended. I've had it for maybe 15-20 years now, so I don't actually recall whether I wore a Tall off the rack or whether it was bespoke.

If you can measure your torso length (there are any number of sites out there telling how), I bet if you got in touch with their service department, they could come up with something off the rack, or sew up a Super Cay in an X-Tall size if it looks as if that's what you'd need. I know they do custom work - in fact, most of their business is with emergency service agencies, who often want their insignia on the packs.

They're expensive, but as I said, I've had mine for 15-20 years now, carry it to work every day as well as on a lot of day trips, and don't treat it especially gently. It's built like a tank.

Big Hill
08-31-2016, 21:59
Hi Kevin -

Yes, I did get the M/L. I even double checked the size when it arrived :D:D:D

I went out for a sunset out and back tonight and it wasn't close to as comfortable as I hoped it would be. I only had 2 -20oz. bottles of water in it and keys/wallet, etc... The shoulder straps felt like they were digging in and if I loosened them a bit it felt like they were sitting off my shoulder.

I spent considerable time between the hip belt on and off but it didn't seem to make much of a difference and didn't change the comfort level noticeably. Although the Talon has a mesh back, I was noticeably sweatier then I am used to being as well. Fortunately, I live near the roller coaster section of the AT so I get a decent workout in.

I had been using an older, military (maybe) themed pack that has much denser padding on the shoulder straps. I don't know if that makes a difference or not. The dense straps are clearly hotter then the Talon straps, but they are more comfortable as well. Perhaps there is an adjustment that needs to be made or things will break in.

Thanks for the help, I really appreciate the comments.


Uncle Joe
08-31-2016, 22:30
I have that pack. I'm 5'11" and if I pull down on my shoulder tensioners it will yank that hip belt up too high. I got this pack specifically because I wanted a daypack with a hip belt. I just like to do training walks with similar feel and weight to my regular pack. That said, it also sounds like the belt my be a little small for your waistline. But you can try just tightening the hip belt and going easy on tightening the shoulder straps and see how that does for you.

09-01-2016, 06:00
There are a lot of choices in day packs, depending what you are using them for. I have had a few of these over time and currently am using two different Osprey packs.

The Osprey Daylite is what I currently use for summertime hikes. About 13 liter, just under a pound (by my scale, it advertises at 1 pound), can hold a 3-liter water bladder. It accommodates most anything I want to take in warm weather hiking (most anything above 45-50 degrees), I have even done a couple of overnights with some creative securing. I got this pack this past spring for about $50.00 and have really liked it.

For colder weather day hikes or overnights I use an Osprey Manta 36. About 36 liters and weighs in just under 2 lbs by my scale, it advertises around 2.6 pounds, which may include the hydration bladder. It will easily accommodate several layers of clothing, down gear, food, and I find it rather easy to strap on snowshoes and keep my micro-spikes handy. I got this pack a few years ago for about $120.00.

I think the Talon 22 sits between these two packs at about 22 liters and 1.6 lbs. When I was looking at the Talons, the shoulder straps felt "off". Hard to describe but they felt fine until I put a 5-pound weight sack or two into it, then they didn't seat well on me, your post kind of reinforces that. However, it could be a load balance issue in the Talon that causes the awkward feel. Since you recently purchased the Talon, you may want to return to REI and see how the Manta 36 or 28 series packs work for you, if you find you like one, you can exchange the Talon for it. I like the 36 series pack a lot and have used it to death over the past few years with both light loads and loads that its not really designed to take comfortably but does. REI has weighted sacks they can put into packs to check balance, fit, and ride so take advantage of that and anyone with expertise in pack fitting that may be in the store when you go there.

Good luck!

09-02-2016, 21:19
I use the basic little Osprey hydration pack for day hikes. 3 liters of water, a meal, and emergency supplies. I cut the waist belt off of the thing. If it's really hot and I'm doing some elevation or longer miles, I'll bring the Sawyer filter along and not fill the bladder all the way. Never more than 7 pounds, can barely tell it's there.

09-02-2016, 21:30
Go back to the store with the pack, and either get the larger size (if you got a S/M) and/or have them adjust it properly, or exchange for a better fitting pack, or refund your $. That's step one.