View Full Version : Spot raises prices via Network Maintenance Fee

09-05-2016, 09:23
When I recently logged into my Spot account I was greeted by a notice informing me of a new "Network Maintenance Fee":

Important Notice: We are continuously making network upgrades to ensure the best possible service for our SPOT customers. To help fund these efforts now and in the future, a $9.99 Network Maintenance Fee will be implemented on all SPOT Annual subscriptions.


It was a bit ironic that I was just trying to look up how my son's hike in the Whites was progressing and there were two big gaps (1 hr and 1 hr 45 min) in coverage:


I guess, I wish there was a bit more competition in this field. Right now it seems like there are still only two players - Spot & DeLorme and neither one is very affordable...