View Full Version : south of calf mtn shelter

09-07-2016, 13:45
Does anyone happen to know if there are any suitable campsites between the southern entrance of the park and calf mountain shelter?

My guidebook shows none, and I don't know what to expect of the terrain. I'll be in a hammock, but my partner will be in a tent. I know we can make something work if necessary, but I'm just curious if anyone has knowledge of that little 6-7 mile stretch so I know how hard to push it that day. We're starting the evening before, so depending on how many miles we get in on day one, we might have more than we care to walk to get to calf mountain. Any knowledge is appreciated.

Gambit McCrae
09-07-2016, 16:16
Please take my word for it and camp on top of calf mountain. It is a lovely field, with a campsite and some trees. If you are needing a spot in between there and rockfish I do not recall any. I'm sure you could ghost camp somewhere thru there but I believe it is only 8 miles from calf mountain shelter and rockfish gap, maybe 7.