View Full Version : New mail drop, near 1000-mile marker

09-07-2016, 19:34
I run a small restaurant/store about a 1.5 miles from the 1000mile marker. I'd like to offer mail drop services. Can anyone tell me how I go about doing that? Is there some sort of formal registration or do I, you know, just post a new thread on WhiteBlaze?

We're only 1.1 miles off the trail. We have pizza, sandwiches, beer, cigarettes and all the normal convenience store items. I'm going to look into stocking tuna packs, Cliff bars, and jerky.

I'm close enough to Bear's Den and Blackburn trail heads that I could deliver there (limited hours), or of course hikers are welcome to walk an extra mile to come to the store, charge their phones, soak up some air conditioning, etc.


The Village Market
445 Pine Grove Road
Bluemont VA, 20135
Open 11AM-8PM Mon-Sat.

09-07-2016, 20:25
Contact David 'AWOL' Miller, of the AT guide book fame, and ask, also ATC, place (or get hikers to place) notes in shelter logs in the shelters around your store.