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sore ankle
09-08-2016, 14:35
Thinking of doing some miles in CT and/or MA in a week or two. Can anybody update me on the water situation and anything else of note? Thanks.

09-08-2016, 16:42
I hiked a 28 miles stretch from around Lee to Great Barrington Ma 2 weeks ago. I remember many streams were dried up and the flowing/pond sources seemed warm and dirty. A few trailheads at road crossings had water jugs and all were empty by the time I found them. I had no problem staying hydrated but they were less than desirable water sources. The hurricane that passed barely gave us any rain.

09-10-2016, 10:37
I do shuttles and some trail support, as well as spend some K9 training time on the CT section. My hikers are saying water is sparse, and I have seen little left...

09-11-2016, 19:30
Prior to Thursday's and today's rains, all Mass sites have water except for:
--Wilcox North
--Wilcox South
Water for these two sites can be obtained from the pond just north of Beartown Mtn Rd (for SB hikers) and at Benedict Pond (for Northbounders). Recent rains may have re-charged the South Wilcox source.

--Crystal Mtn: Very low flow
--Hemlocks/Glen Brook: Plenty of water in pools downstream of the AT (access via Glen Brook site).


I was out south of Cheshire yesterday (9/12) and the stream that was dry in mid July was flowing, so there's been some comeback recently.

sore ankle
09-12-2016, 19:10
Thanks to all of you for the timely info.

Sore Ankle