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09-12-2016, 07:29
I had a chance to try out the relocated Abol trail at BSP this past weekend. It had been closed for several years due to a slide a few years back. The Abol trail essentially was the result of a prior rock slide but it reportedly was too loose in the lower section to kept open as hiking trail. The trail was essentially three parts, the lower section in the woods that ran through a grown in slide run out, a middle section that was loose gravel mixed with loose rocks and an upper section of boulder scrambling. The new relocation moves the trail west to avoid the center section.

The new relocation is a great example of modern trail building, it is well graded with extensive switchbacks, stone staircases and extensive water bars. Its mostly in the woods and heads west to a small ridge line with views that eventually open up. There is nice view of the ridge that the AT ascends. Eventually its tops out and then runs east back to the old trail route to a distinct junction with the old slide. From then on its a near straight up boulder scramble. In dry weather its fun with plenty of foot holds but in damp conditions the rocks can be bit greasy.

The relocation is not yet complete and there are signs that there are still future stairs and water bars to be installed. At least in the short term, the trailbed is soft in parts but I expect as it gets more use it will get packed down. The new relocation is a lot less exposed then the old route.. It definitely is the better way to get into cover quickly compared to the AT route on a bad day. In general its far less exposed than the upper Hunt Trail (AT). plus it doesn't have the house sized boulder field.

Various reports state that the park intends to leave the old route down the slide as an option. The turn off the slide up top has a sign post (but no sign) while the lower junction is brushed in and not marked. I am not a fan of lose gravel and rocks when folks are coming down behind me so I don't expect to be taking the slide route in the future.

Overall a major improvement to the trail and definitely a nice reason to use it for the climb down. Now it they could put in a connector trail back to KSC to avoid the dusty dangerous road walk ;)

09-15-2016, 12:45
Peakbagger, this is unrelated to your post, but I want to thank you for the AT primitive campsite tips you gave me last month when I was preparing to hike the Presidential Range. I printed out your advice and referred to it a lot. I ended up overnighting at the north base of Mt. Eisenhower (a small bog is there, with a somewhat sheltered one-person spot tucked into a few evergreens). Then offtrail at The Perch Shelter (a very long and treacherous hike along Israel Ridge, but worth it once I arrived). Then Osgood Tentsite.

Would like to add that there's a very good, flat location in a soft field about a half-mile north of Edmund Col (between Mts. Jefferson and Adams). If I'm correct, it's right on the treeline. Not recommended with rough weather approaching, but while I was there conditions were fine. It would have been a great alternative to the 1.2-mile hike offtrail to The Perch. Oh well.

Anyway, I appreciate all the helpful advice you gave me!

09-20-2016, 16:04
How is it compared to the Hunt Trail? Any boulder scrambling like on the Hunt Spur? Thank you

09-20-2016, 18:47
IMHO its "easier" then the Hunt trail. But "easy" is relative. The upper section has not changed, there are spots that require near vertical climbing up and over boulders, the boulders are just a lot smaller.

09-21-2016, 05:36
Many thanks for the reply