View Full Version : NE FL (jax) -----> AT - Weekender GA/NC

09-14-2016, 10:58

I am a fitness and outdoors enthusiast who recently got hooked on hiking. I Attended an REI info session last night for AT trip planning and wasn't the only person interested in finding others to hike with.

It's a really long drive to justify hiking solo for me. With plenty of vacation day's left this year I am looking to complete the Georgia section and get into NC .

What I am generally looking to do is leave Jacksonville any Wednesday evening after work 5:30pm-7:30 pm to arrive at designated campsite on the trail after midnight(maybe a mile or so in from a parking lot gap for peace of mind ? ) . Have a shuttle arranged for early the next morning and hike Thursday AM - Sunday ~12pm departure.

We can hike together or we could arrange just to ride together with our own weekend plan and drive back together.

I am happy to hike with any one at any pace. The girlfriend and I were doing 1 MPH the other weekend, and I had fun. (but still completed 10 MPD, kind of loose benchmark)

Hope you like dogs, my husky puppy Zoey will be joining us. She will carry some weight from your pack before she slows us down and is a real peace of mind when sleeping with food in the tent.

Feel free to PM any deviation and lets get on the trail !

ready as soon as any upcoming weekends

(not oct/ 1 or oct/14-on the trail )

10-19-2016, 15:17
I am leaving from jacksonville next Tuesday (10/25) after work and plan to hike starting from Neels Gap . I plan to return on Sunday (10/30). I have already hiked from Amicolola falls through to Neel's gap.
If this works for you let me know.