View Full Version : pacer pole - which model

09-16-2016, 08:26
I've decided to try pacer poles after reading through this forum.

Has anyone tried the 2 pc. version that is bottom half - carbon, top half aluminum? It is a bit heavier then the 3 pc. all carbon model but I don't need them to stow away super small and perhaps this adds a little durability? Do you think the carbon lower half will be effective at shock absorption?

Any comments appreciated!

09-16-2016, 09:24
I hadn't heard about pacer poles until I read your post. I went to their web site and watched a couple of their videos. They look pretty cool, however, I am pretty sure that they way I use my wrist straps on my run of the mill trekking poles accomplishes the same hand angle that the pacer poles promote. I usually lay the strap of my pole across my palm and then grip my pole. The result looks like a very similar angle to what these pacer poles give you. I guess the pricing looks similar. The downside might me trying to use your poles for a tarp, as some systems take advantage of using your trekking poles to act as the high points for the tarp.