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09-20-2016, 22:21
It has been so dry up here in the northeast. Hiking shenandoah end of september. would like an update on water availability. thank you. tenlots

09-21-2016, 13:41
I'm hiking the AT through SNP in mid October and also interested in water conditions.

09-21-2016, 14:06
last week I hiked Thornton Gap (Luray) to Manassas Gap (Front Royal)
most creeks are running low and/or dry

water still flowing at the springs at Gravel Springs Hut and Denton Shelters, weak but steady water flow at those springs. Take a cup or mug along to dip for water is good advice.

my bet is it is like that in most all of the park, been a hot/dry summer

09-21-2016, 14:23
I'm hiking the AT through SNP in mid October and also interested in water conditions.

Headed that way a week after you.... PM me with how you find the water situation if you don't mind. happy trails

Gambit McCrae
09-21-2016, 15:40
There is no water source for the 12 mile stretch south of black rock hut. There is never water in that stretch.

Black Rock Hut to 1 mile north of Calf mountain shelter, no water ever.

09-21-2016, 17:42
Pass Mountain Hut and Byrds Nest 3 either side of US211/Thornton Gap had good flow last weekend.

09-21-2016, 21:23
SNP water reports:

09-22-2016, 09:23
I hiked Rockfish to skyland last week. I carried 2liters and was fine.
first night calf mountain shelter had water. Next day hiked to loft mnt campground water here.No water along way. Third day hiked to hightop piped spring. About 9-10 miles from loft Simmons gap has pump 1/4 mile down hill at ranger station. Fourth hiked to big meadows water here. This section had a few sources. There was a piped spring off the trail. You will also pass a picnic area with a pump and Lewis campground. Fifth day was only 9 miles so I carried Liter. Didn't see any streams along way and not sure of water at shelters in this section.

09-27-2016, 16:01
Thanks to all who helped me out. Tenlots

09-27-2016, 19:06
Did I see you at Rock Spring Hut Sunday?

Thanks to all who helped me out. Tenlots