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01-11-2006, 16:50
So heres the deal. I'm going SOBO. In my eyes its the only way to go because its the difference between doing the north face of everest or the "Yak Route". I would like imput and suggestions on what to take to survive the weather and more importantly what the weather is gererally like between june and nov on the trail going southbound. Just dont want to die.

01-11-2006, 16:57
From what I've read, since you are traveling southbound, you'll actually experience milder conditions than north bounders generally do ... you should be able to make it the whole way with a 20 degree bag and will probably send it home during the warmer months, since heat and humidity are relatively high in the southeast during the summer months. Try reading the journals of some other south bounders on trailjournals.com ... "Tinkerbell's" comes to mind, for a good depiction of what a southbounder goes through.

01-11-2006, 17:05
QH is correct in that your weather in june is Maine will be nicer than March in Georgia. You will encounter the worst bug season on the trail by the time you hit Mass and Conn, so be prepared for that. SoBo's have a higher completion rate, so you'll also have that going for you.
You can more than likely use a 40 degree bag to start, just carry some light to middle weigh polypro type clothing to make up the difference on those lovely Maine nights, then have your 20 degree sent to you on down the line. I actually hiked from Maine to Mass using only a fleece blanket this year, but got pretty cold 5 or 6 times in the interim. Carry a tent or hammock, because the shelters WILL be full at some point, not to mention that there are so many amazing places to camp through Maine that you'll regret it if you don't. As for anything else, you should browse the gear sections here and pick and choose what sounds good to you. I'de need a bit more of an idea of your packing list to be able to give much more advice. Be well and good luck with your planning.


hammock engineer
01-11-2006, 17:16
I am headed SOBO also starting mid June. I think that a 20degree bag will be fine. The problem we are going to run into is the south in October, November, December. You might want a warmer bag or bag liner for then. I am starting with a 2" top and under quilt for my hammock to start. I am going to make a second top quilt of 3" to add in the colder months.

I am planning (so far) on bringing as my warm layers a mid weight top and bottom, micro fleece top, rain coat and pants as my starting layers. I may add another light weight layer, but probibly not. In the later months I am probibly going to add a warm top and bottom layer (I am a cold weather wuss). Some gloves and warm hat or some kind.

Just what I am planning on doing. For what it is worth I haven't done the AT before or much cold weather stuff. So take my advice for what its worth. Hopefully it will get cold again after I finish making everything so I can test my limits out. Do some test and see what works for you.

01-11-2006, 17:21
The most difficult part of your hike will be the first few weeks. This year, I attempted to Climb Mt. Katahdin during the last week in May. It was still closed, but I hiked south from the Katahdin Stream Camp Ground for a few miles. The trail was still pretty wet.

In June you will still find snow on the mountains in Maine and the streams will be running high. You are likely to encounter dangerous crossings at both branches of the Pleasant River.

If you plan to reach Mt. Washington in New Hampshire before July 4, you should be prepared for winter conditions on Mt. Washington.

Once you cross the Presidential Range, you should have good weather until the fall.