View Full Version : Trail magic this Sunday 9/25

09-23-2016, 20:59
I am in NH and traveling north this Sunday and have some trail magic to donate, where will be a good place to be to allow me to service as many thru hikers as possible?
i am willing to also go across into ME as well.

happy travels,

09-23-2016, 21:45
it's nearly end of the season as Katahdin is usually closed to hikers mid October. I would say as close to or within the 100 mile wilderness if you can access it. Driving hikers to local amenities would also be great trail magic especially in ME

09-23-2016, 22:04
In that case t looks like a four hour drive to Monson, to deliver goods.

09-23-2016, 23:21
I just picked up a SOBO this evening, who is just getting into NH. Said the numbers of NOBOs he's seen this last week has dropped to nearly zero. Anyone who still has a chance of finishing has to be up to at least Rangely by now. There will also be a fairly narrow time window when a hiker will cross a given road, which would be determined by how far away the nearest shelter south is. If you show up someplace in the afternoon where everyone passed by in the morning, you'll be really lonely.

09-23-2016, 23:43
Thanks for the heads up I was thinking of just heading to Monson for the day?

09-25-2016, 20:38
Had a great day giving out trail magic, around the 30 mile mark of the 100 mile woods today we met many great people that are on their way to the big finish. Happy hiking to; Mermaid, Treehugger, Constantine, Outstanding, Ptarmigan, Grits, Fireball, Pluto, Brave Turtle, Castaway, The Butcher, and of course Poop Hands.
We hope you have a splendid journey and find this post.