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09-29-2016, 20:40
The thing I've been most confused on is what to pack for clothing for a NOBO trip starting March 15-April 1. If there is a list somewhere else on here a place direct me to it, but couldn't find it. Below is what I collected here and there from various list, but I'd like to see a generic list of clothing to pack. (specific items listed are things I already have). Any tips, tricks and suggestions welcome!

1 pair socks
1 pair convertible pants
1 pair exofficio boxers (3oz)
1 breathable t-shirt (5oz)
1 trail runners

2 pairs of sock (wool, thickness?(double as mittens?))
1 pair exofficio boxers (3oz)
1 pairs convertible pants?
1 breathable t-shirt (5oz)
1 camp flip flops/shoe(opinons?)

1 Rain Coat (Helium II 6.5oz)
1 Rain pants/kilt (1.9oz)

1 Patagonia Ultralight Down Jacket - Men's (9.5oz)
1 Patagonia Capilene Thermal Weight Zip Hoodie - Men's (7.7oz)
1 Fleece Hat

Sarcasm the elf
09-29-2016, 20:45
That's basically what I carry for three season. I would generall go a little warmer for a Mid-March trip and bring a base layer, but that also depends on where you are hiking. Don't forget gloves either.

09-29-2016, 23:43
I had pretty much the same but also had two base layers, one for hiking and one for sleeping. One was polypro and one was merino. If it got really cold I wore both sets. Not sure why you need two pairs of convertible pants. I only had one pair of running shorts for hiking but many had one set of pants instead.

09-30-2016, 09:55
How about a base layer instead of a second pair of convertible pants!

09-30-2016, 12:09
No need for two pairs of pants. For town clothes, you can wear your rain gear while you are washing your hiking clothes. short sleeve shirt, long sleeve shirt, one pair of underwear, or none. You don't have any base layers listed? Sleep clothes? You will want a set of dry sleeping clothes that you never hike in that always stay dry. Get used to put on wet clothing in the morning. Three pairs of socks are good. Some people do with only two pair.

09-30-2016, 12:17
If you go to www.trailjournals.com or search youtube, you will see a plethora of gear lists that other hikers are taking. Happy hiking!!!

09-30-2016, 13:28
Good suggestions above. definitely need gloves, not socks doubling as gloves
I don't bother with a flip flop at that time of year

09-30-2016, 15:16
I'll say what I always say, the clothing you pack completely depends on you and your experience. It's highly personal. Some pack for comfort, some for survival. And if you don't know enough not to climb in a rain storm while wearing a down layer, you might as well not bring it. Your camping gear and experience in harsh weather may also affect the clothing you need. We don't know what you might need.

Camp shoes are an often-asked question here. If your hiking shoes are comfortable enough, just loosen the laces when you get to camp and save the weight.

If you can, try to get some winter experience with your gear before your thru-hike. You will most likely be faced with true winter conditions in the high country in the Southern Appalachians in March and April. Count on blowing snow with temps in the teens. Or you can count on some expensive days in towns sitting out storms. (I think my excellent 15F down bag paid for itself in skipping town nights.)

I'll agree about the socks-as-mittens, try it first before you leave your gloves at home. Along those lines, I always pack a pair of bread bags as emergency over-mitts or -socks ("Bag-tex"). If used prudently, they can make a difference.

An advantage of the AT is the ability to change gear easily and often. There's even an outfitter, literally on the trail, at mile 30 or so. It's very unlikely you'll end the hike with the same gear you started it with!

09-30-2016, 21:38
This is just my three season set up ...
synthetic boxers (currently underarmour) 1
merino 1/4 endurance sock 1
synthetic t shirt(currently north face better than naked) 1
Mountain hardwear 1/4 zip microchill lite fleece(for colder morning starts) 1
womens<----yes womens lol,generic tights(for colder starts and sleeping?) 1
5 inch inseam athletic pull on shorts (currently underarmour) 1

Back up
merino endurance socks 1
synthetic t shirt 1
synthetic boxers(currently underarmour) 1
5 inch inseam athletic shorts (again underarmour) 1

icebreaker 1/2 zip merino pullover base layer 1
synthetic generic pull over crew(only as A second option) 1
Sierra designs elite dry down hooded jacket 1
Mountain hardwear micro chill lite fleece(same one as above) will use to layer if really cold.

my rain gear is always evolving but for my three season I use
Stearns packable rain jacket(it is hot but insulates well and keeps rain off of you(used in colder weather) 1
Anti gravity gear rain kilt 1

That is really it for my three season set up,I did away with the heavy socks for sleeping (I sleep hot anyway)
If I find the need to add them to my clothing at some point I will. but generally will just wear my other pair of socks if my feet get that cold.

09-30-2016, 21:54
I did forget to add A merino wool beanie and A pair of micro merino wool glove liners to the list.
Also will generally wear A trucker style ball cap while hiking.

09-30-2016, 22:32
Early on, it gets pretty darn chilly in them there hills. Shorts and T shirt don't cut it, especially if your not already acclimated to cold and wet weather.

A long sleeve shirt is a must. (I like Dickie work shirts. Inexpensive, durable, dry reasonably quickly, reasonably wind proof) Along with long sleeve thermal top and long john bottoms. These are mostly for camp/sleeping.

If get Darn Tough socks, you only need 2 pair.

Fleece hat for sure (never leave home without one) Neck warmer buff can be nice to have, light fleece gloves are optional, but worth having.

10-01-2016, 03:49
Good suggestions above. definitely need gloves, not socks doubling as gloves
I don't bother with a flip flop at that time of yeari agree. I was born with opposable thumbs, and enjoy using em...gloves fur me.

10-03-2016, 19:11
Gotcha, 1 pair convertible pants, a base layer, gloves and thin gym shorts!

Thanks for the help!

10-03-2016, 19:22
I did forget to add A merino wool beanie and A pair of micro merino wool glove liners to the list.
Also will generally wear A trucker style ball cap while hiking.

Consider whether Mechanix or similar light weight work gloves are a more versatile addition rather than wool liners. They weight a bit more but are far more durable in you need do something physical with your hands. Could be relevant in a survival situation.

10-03-2016, 19:33
I like https://www.manzella.com/p/manzella-ranger-touchtip-hunting-gloves-men-h145m?color=RX1 very warm gloves this company makes. I have like 4 pairs for hunting