View Full Version : Shelter/Raingear

10-05-2016, 15:33
Anyone use the "cape" poncho/shelter and has it performed as expected?


10-05-2016, 21:41
The Gatewood Cape is to short for my 6'4" body. I use a Sea-to-Summit silnylon poncho as both my rain-gear and my shelter on many trips . . . most trips actually. I love it. I use the poncho for raingear almost all the time, even when I'm using something else as my shelter. And, 6+ oz for both rain-gear and shelter (plus whatever my stakes and guy-lines weigh) is awesome!!

It definitely takes some practice, a few tricks, and getting used to using such a small shelter. But, it's fast to pitch, light to carry, and provides a nice open view of the night, which I like.

10-06-2016, 12:37
I spent weeks at a time sleeping in a poncho in a little place called Vietnam a few centuries back. Not fun. I would not recommend it. Get a real tent.