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10-09-2016, 14:26
I am looking to do the Virginia triple crown. I would like to start with Dragon's Tooth first. Can anyone who has done this send me information on the route they have taken? Thank you so much

10-09-2016, 19:29
I assume you're looking to do a loop since all three are obviously on the AT? I've done it that way, but not on a circuit.

I've seen this route shared before, I'd like to try it in the Spring:


Maybe someone else can chime in with more info - but I'd rather leave my car at 311 (or better yet, Four Pines hostel which is pretty close).

10-12-2016, 14:16
My wife and I did that loop as a novices 12 years ago. Awesome hike! Heed the warning of jo water on north MTn and you're fine.a bit of a bushwhacking at the end if I recall correctly

10-21-2016, 15:32
Wow best of luck! Sounds like a great adventure coming your way.

10-23-2016, 09:55
I've hiked the triple crown via AT in two seperate hikes. Last fall about this time we did Daleville Hojo to Catawba (McAfee Knob parking lot). About 20 miles. Relatively sasy hike. We did it as an overnight. HikerMom shuttled us. This summer I knocked out Rt. 42 to Catawba. This included Dragon's Tooth. Dragon's Tooth was about the hardest single day of hiking I have had on the AT in 600 miles of section hikes including Mt. Rogers, Roan Mountain, a couple of 30+ mile days, etc.. VERY STEEP. BE VERY CAREFUL TO STAY ON TRAIL coming off of Dragon's tooth Northbound. Go from blaze to blaze. Don't go proceed unless you see a blaze and are sure you are on the trail. There is a wash that looks like trail. I have talked to several other hikers who, like me, mistook the wash for the trail and before we knew it we were down in the woods a hundred feet below the trail.

Here's my DT notes: http://hikingbob.blogspot.com/2016/06/sinking-creekrt-42-to-catawbart-311.html
Here's some pics from McAfee (I didn't write a report): http://hikingbob.blogspot.com/2015/11/some-pics.html

Hope this helps! In my opinion, Dragon's Tooth is over-rated but then I did NOT do the scramble up to the tip-top. I like McAfee/Tinker's Cliff. Sinking Creek Mountain is under-rated. Lot's of nice views up there. I hiked a some of it at night under a bright full moon. Splendid!