View Full Version : William B Douglas Shelter?

10-18-2016, 11:34
Anyone know if the William B Douglas shelter has a fire ring? Headed there late fall (really late fall) and want to know if I can stay warm by a fire!

- A

10-18-2016, 16:59
It's in the National Forest where fires are allowed, so I'd say "probably". I didn't stop there on my way through last spring.

The Spruce peak shelter (which is really a cabin) still has a wood stove in it.

10-18-2016, 17:05

At about 47 seconds in, the narrator says, "Fire pit right out front."

10-18-2016, 20:00
Indeed there is a substantial fire ring immediately in front of the shelter, or there was last time I walked by there. Personally I would head for Spruce Peak instead when planning an overnight in that vicinity. It's only a few miles farther on some of the easiest walking you'll find in VT. Douglas Shelter is half a mile off trail and just your standard three sided lean-to. Spruce Peak is a cabin style with four walls, covered front porch, and wood stove. Only time I might reconsider that is a weekend night as it can attract some party traffic due to the easy walk in from VT 11/30. Still a few miles in though so it's not a big hotspot.