View Full Version : No water at Velvet Rocks NH

10-19-2016, 18:49
AWOL lists the water source at the Velvet Rocks shelter near Hanover NH as reliable. It isn't. It is dry, as was the so-called pond north of there. This is I think the first time on this sobo hike from Katahdin to Harpers Ferry that I've had trouble getting water, though I hear many sources south of here are dry. So I'm at the co-op getting water and food. At least Graeter's was on sale.

10-19-2016, 18:52
New England had a REALLY dry winter and summer. All my family and friends are in MA/NH/ME and they have all been posting about the conditions because of their gardens.

10-20-2016, 11:03
I had a hard time finding the water for that shelter back in June. It's not anywhere near the shelter and well hidden. There is a cistern buried in the stream. Is that what you found to be dry?

I get water for my cottage piped in from a small stream up the hill behind me. It's pretty much dried up. If we don't get a lot rain before the ground freezes, I doubt I'll have water for most of the winter. That's going to be a serious pain.

10-20-2016, 16:10
Yes, the cistern was dry and nasty looking. Locals told me it is a poor water source even when there is no drought. But now we're getting rain - maybe for several days! The plus is that Hanover-Norwich is a great area with good eats (eat breakfast at Lou's!), free buses, a fine library and kind trail angels who take hikers into their homes. The autumn colors here have probably peaked but are still amazing.

10-20-2016, 16:57
I ended up staying in Hanover for 3 days due to rain when I sectioned that area. Stayed at a nice motel between Hanover and Lebanon. Hanover is the Damascus of the north, IMO. As for water at Velvet Rocks, if NOBO, get it at Hanover. If SOBO, you'll have to either carry it from Moose Mountain or the streams around it or go past Velvet Rocks into Hanover, get your water, then go back to Velvet Rocks.