View Full Version : Looking for White Owl

10-23-2016, 22:15
I was on a section hike from Franklin, NC to Fontana Dam end of March early April. I met a nice man named White Owl. He was from Maine. I wanted to check in and see if he made it to the top at Kathadin?

Slow Trek
11-13-2016, 00:20
I don't know how far he went,but we saw him at Uncle Johnny's,and again a couple days north of there.

11-17-2016, 08:53
I saw him in Vermont. Sure he made it.

Arkansas Traveler
12-26-2017, 15:32
Not sure if you are still following this thread. White Owl was hiking with two women. Last I saw them was in the Whites or just after. It was my understanding that they were running out of time and were going to skip ahead to Katahdin and hike South to finish their miles.