View Full Version : Loft Mountain Area in November

10-24-2016, 13:05
I'm doing a section hike the second week in November (yay, early voting) and am trying to figure out the overnight situation in the vicinity of the Loft Mountain campground. Mileage-wise that area will work best if there are good options. The campground will be officially closed for the season. I know that means no camp store, restrooms etc. but what does it mean for just pitching a tent for the night on one of those tent only sites near the trail? And what's the water situation? Is there a frost-free spigot there somewhere? If so, do happen to know where it is? Are there other good tent pitching options in the vicinity that you know of? I suppose I could just call the park, but thought I might look for a little insight here first.

10-24-2016, 20:25
While the tent sites are indeed vacant during off seasonal months my guess is their availability are for those seasonal months of operation. The parks campgrounds come with SNP Rangers and ancillary personnel whose duties are to effectively support proper operations of that campground, which also includes providing parameters for your safety while you're there. National Park guidelines mandate the campgrounds are closed for the winter for that reason.

Water fountains are turned off during non seasonal months. You could try a frost free spigot , you never know. There are several, located near the bathhouses where the campground hosts sites are.

There are good tent sites off the trail with views to the West as you approach Loft Mountain Campground . No camp fires allowed obviously , but water is nearby if those spigots remain open.

10-25-2016, 10:05
Thanks, that's helpful. I'd rather not poach a tent spot in the closed campground (campgrounds are critter magnets) if there are other decent options and it sounds like there are.

10-25-2016, 10:53
There is a spigot near the amphitheater that was working when I was there prior to the campground opening this spring. Don't know if it will be on in November, but you could check if you need to. Really nice view from the amphitheater too.