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10-31-2016, 19:38
Georgia dry, we struggled. Hitting NC border soon anyone know water status from there up a few days?

10-31-2016, 20:02
Georgia dry, we struggled. Hitting NC border soon anyone know water status from there up a few days?

Not sure specific water sources but it's been dry generally.

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The Cleaner
10-31-2016, 20:48
Probably some sources running but may be slow.Now there's a USFS campfire ban from Springer to Damascus.The forest hasn't been this dry in a long time.

10-31-2016, 21:36
I haven't reviewed the latest editions of AWOL's AT GUIDE or The Thru_Hikers Companion but don't both list water sources and rate the reliability of those sources? Either Guide or Companion aren't just for thru-hikers! :-?

11-01-2016, 12:26
Georgia dry, we struggled. Hitting NC border soon anyone know water status from there up a few days? I'm sure Bly Gap is dry and I bet the flow near Raven Rock is dry, but you might hit water near Muskrat Creek. Be prepared and carry extra water for the climb up Sharp Top/Courthouse Bald right after you pass the gnarled oak at Bly Gap.

11-01-2016, 20:39
I just hiked Deep Gap to Winding Stair and commented on ATHiker per the watering holes I used. Most sources were dry. However, every 5 or 6 miles I did find a good source. Some, like the creek coming down the hill at Wallace Gap, had surprisingly good flow. Others just had a small trickle but pools deep enough to refill. There were a lot of folks on the trail this past weekend. I didn't see anyone dying of dehydration.

11-02-2016, 17:47
This may help From Ron's Appalachian Trail Shuttles FB page Its pretty detailed

Starting the Approach Trail NORTHBOUND
Springer is almost dry for a second time
Hawk Mt. Shelter(mm 8.1) is LAST WATER UNTIL JUSTUS CREEK(mm 14.4)
Jarrard Gap(mm 26.7) Dry
Woods Hole Shelter(mm 28.2) Dry
Slaughter Creek Dry
Bull Gap(mm 32.8) Dry
Swain Gap(mm 34.6) Dry
Whitley Gap Shelter 1.2 miles off trail(mm 38.4) Dry
Hogpen Gap(mm 38.6) Dry
Poplar Stamp Gap, Dry
Cold Springs Gap, GA: right around here, there's a nice stream of water coming from up the hill, it goes through a culvert under the trail; flowing strong & cold!
Chattahoochee Gap (Jacks Knob Trail), GA: a trickle
Blue Mountain Shelter, GA: DRY
Deep Gap Shelter, GA: low water level coming from the hill
Cheese Factory water update.
Cheese Factory water source is dry
Follow the water sign to the road and go left. 300 yards right of the road there's a Creek following.
Moreland Gap, GA: Dry
Dicks Creek Gap, GA: Low
Bly Gap, GA: Dry
Muskrat Creek Shelter, NC: good water
White Oak Stamp, NC: Dry
Winding Stair Gap: Dry (waterfall north on the trail maybe still flowing)

Uncle Joe
11-02-2016, 21:32
I just did the Standing Indian loop. There's water at Standing Indian Shelter. I was at Muskrat 2 weeks ago and there was water, as Waterbuffalo notes. There was also a tiny amount in the stream about 1/4mi south of there.

11-03-2016, 11:52
I am doing Standing Indian loop this weekend and will be hiking loop clockwise. What is water like from Standing Indian campground to Carter Gap Shelter (this is our stopping point for day 1)?