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11-07-2016, 12:39
I'll be hiking this section beginning this Friday. I'm looking for last minute water source updates. How's it looking out there?

11-07-2016, 14:21
Ron Brown (AT Shuttle driver) is keeping a current listing on his FB page. I have copied and pasted it here. I was just up in that section this weekend and it is extremely dry--complete campfire ban. IIRC, there is some water at Hawk Mtn Shelter, then the next is Justus Creek (good flow) Blackwell Creek (good flow) and Gooch Mtn. shelter. After Gooch, the only water till Neels is Lance Creek. Good luck. Here is the info and FB link: https://www.facebook.com/Rons-Appalachian-Trail-Shuttle-174270272614034/

I have been trying very hard to get all of this right. I want to THANK YOU ALL for helping me try to keep this accurate. I'm only mentioning the outages.
Starting the Approach Trail NORTHBOUND
Springer is almost dry for a second time
Hawk Mt. Shelter(mm 8.1) is LAST WATER UNTIL JUSTUS CREEK(mm 14.4)
Jarrard Gap(mm 26.7) Dry
Woods Hole Shelter(mm 28.2) Dry
Slaughter Creek Dry
Bull Gap(mm 32.8) Dry
Swain Gap(mm 34.6) Dry
Whitley Gap Shelter 1.2 miles off trail(mm 38.4) Dry
Hogpen Gap(mm 38.6) Dry
Poplar Stamp Gap, Dry
Cold Springs Gap, GA: right around here, there's a nice stream of water coming from up the hill, it goes through a culvert under the trail; flowing strong & cold!
Chattahoochee Gap (Jacks Knob Trail), GA: a trickle
Blue Mountain Shelter, GA: DRY
Deep Gap Shelter, GA: low water level coming from the hill
Cheese Factory water update.
Cheese Factory water source is dry
Follow the water sign to the road and go left. 300 yards right of the road there's a Creek following.
Moreland Gap, GA: Dry
Dicks Creek Gap, GA: Low
Bly Gap, GA: Dry
Muskrat Creek Shelter, NC: good water
White Oak Stamp, NC: Dry
Winding Stair Gap: Dry (waterfall north on the trail maybe still flowing)
Carry spare bladders

11-07-2016, 15:25
I'll be hiking this section beginning this Friday. I'm looking for last minute water source updates. How's it looking out there?

Four days ago I hiked Three Forks to Woody Gap as a day hike. There was water at Three Forks, Justus Creek and Blackwell Creek. It is quite dry out there and I was kinda surprised to see any water at all after leaving Three Forks. I carried four litters, which was way too much, especially considering the nice temperatures. Trail angles also left jugs of water at two or three of the gaps on that section. I can't recall precisely which ones.

11-07-2016, 17:40
Ron Brown is leaving water in jugs at Cooper Gap, between Sassafras Mtn and Justus Mtn. You should see them as you come down Sassafras Mtn into Cooper Gap.

11-09-2016, 09:44
Thanks! Ron is doing a great job keeping folks informed.