View Full Version : Water Report Request: Carver's Gap to 19E Especially Overmountain Shelter

11-07-2016, 13:27
This weekend (Nov 11-13) I will be hiking with a small group from Iron Mountain Gap to 19E. A kind WhiteBlaze member that was on part of that segment this past weekend was kind enough to provide me an update on the water status from Iron Mountain Gap to Carver's Gap (where his hike ended). I would appreciate a water report from anyone who has been between Carver's Gap and 19E recently, especially the water situation at the Overmountain Shelter, where we plan to spend the night on Saturday night.

Gambit McCrae
11-07-2016, 13:34
At the Overmontain shelter if there is not water at the designated spring, keep walking down that old road bed, I walked it looking for firewood last time I was there and saw 2-3 more springs along the way. As well they seemed to be flowing stronger then the closer designated spot as I could hear them flowing from the road bed. Saying this, I have not been there in a recent enough time to give a report on their current condition.