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01-15-2006, 13:42
bill irwin is giving a talk at st. mark's church in burlington, nc this friday. for those that do not know, bill was the first and only person to hike the the entire at as a blind man. for more info check here:


Max Power
01-15-2006, 14:31
I graduated from Carson-Newman college. Part of our electives were Chapels. I was lucky enough (I went at random) to go when Bill was speaking. At this time in my life I enjoyed going on day hikes and camping, but never had been on the AT. His stories were great and had me interested in backpacking the AT. He is very inspiring!
I'm not sure how I got into backpacking, after reading this post and thinking about it, he may have been a huge influence.
Out of all the chapel I had to attend he was one of my two favorites.
If you live near Burlington, you should go.

01-20-2006, 22:00
man i just read this articel and its 9pm on friday!! i live in carrboro,30 miles from burlington! i missed him!! does anybody know if hes speaking again at any place else near ?

01-21-2006, 15:39
he gave a talk here at vanderbilt university a few years back,i had to work a 16 hour shift so i could not go:cool: neo