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11-08-2016, 18:27
Over the weekend and into Monday I hiked the Tracy's Ridge loop trail up in the Allegheny National Forest in PA. I parked at the NCT trailhead at Willow Bay near the New York/Pa border along Route 346. The weather was excellent fall weather with plenty of sunshine. Total trip miles were around 23 miles. Day one was 10 miles to Polly's Run. Beautiful campsite along the lake and what a night. The moon rose above the lake in a clear star filled sky. The moonlight softly lighting the inside of my tent while I laid there trying to stay awake taking in the moment.

In the morning the next day I watched the sun rise over the lake to burn of the mist that hung over it.
After that I was all packed up and ready to hike 9 miles to Tracy's Run. I look up through the trees with few bright and glowing orange and yellow leaves into a sky so blue, a perfect blue with not a cloud to be seen. And the smell of fall through out the woods as I crunched through the leaves, love it. I set up camp in another great spot along Tracy's Run.
Next morning while having my coffee and breakfast I watched a bald eagle fly over the lake next to were I was camped. I was at such peace and thought this is how life is meant to be lived.
It's a nice hike that would be great to take out a beginner hiker. No real major steep hills and a well maintained trail. There are several other trails you can make loops out of, just Google Tracy's Ridge trail for a map.