View Full Version : Hiking in Shenandoah NP during deer hunting season?

11-09-2016, 16:50
I was thinking about doing a 3 day backpacking trip in Shenandoah from 12/2-12/4. I'd arrive late in the evening on 12/2 and just sleep in the car or hike a mile in and set up my hammock. Plan was to start hiking at dawn of 12/3 near Brown's gap, head North on the AT, loop West to Brown Mtn Trail, South East on Rocky top, camp there for the night and then do a big loop South and back up the AT to Jones Run, stay there the night of 12/4 and then hike out 2 miles in the morning before dawn.

That being said, I just searched for VA hunting season and see firearms season ends on 12/3. I know hunting isn't allowed in Shenandoah, but Rocky Top begins right at the edge of the park and I'm sure some poachers wander just over the park boarders. Is it safe to backpack in the park/on the edges of the park during hunting season? I also see on my PATC topo map that Brown Gap Turnpike meets Skyline drive. However, it doesn't connect on Google Maps. Is it possible to take 629/Brown Gap Turnpike to Jones Run Trail and is there parking? I saw skyline drive is closed at night during deer hunting season, so I wasn't sure if there was a gate further down on Brown Gap Turnpike that was locked.

Many thanks in advance.

11-10-2016, 15:32
Wear something orange.