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01-15-2006, 15:00
i am using this as i allways have.maby it will help someone.their are a million gear set ups and this is one hikers choice.its what i was first taught to bring into the wilderness as a kid on a nols course in the wind river mountains of wyoming.and it has searved me well on the A T in P A.over kill is only overkill till you exspirence the warmth and roomyness of some big fat luxury items like twice the sleeping bag of mear mortals.its just part of being weird mat.matthewski's list follows.questions? comments? concernes?
bd shadow 3lb12oz
golite stuff bag 1.4oz
bd megmid lite 2lb11oz
bd bivi 8.8oz
therm a rest z lite 11oz
marmot col eq -20 4lb9oz
granite gear comp stuff sleeping 4oz
bug net stuff .1oz
asolo tps 520 gtx 3lb14oz
fox river rag sox 14oz
the eighth summit shorts 8oz
fox river ploy liner sox3ox
pat shadow raincoat 13oz
golite rain pants 5oz
pat cap mid long bottoms 7oz
pat r1 pants 7.5oz
pat silk weight tee shirts 8oz
pat lightweight long top 6oz
pat expedition weight long top 9.5oz
pat r1 vest 7oz
pat silk weight boxers 3oz
pat fingerless gloves 2.5oz
paclite shell mitts 2oz
pat balaclavas 4oz
pat neck gaiter 1.5oz
vaurnex px5000 2oz msrpot,bag,lid,lifter 8oz
clikstand with trangia stove 6.7oz
1 litre fuel bottle 1oz
foon .5oz
chopstix .5oz
victornox knife .8oz
msr 6 litre dromlite 4.2oz
nalge 1 litre 2oz
nalge8oz jar 1oz
msr waterworks 1lb3oz
food cord 2.5oz
3 hour candle .5oz
matches .3oz
guide book 5oz
toilet paper 2.3oz
toothbrush .3oz
floss .3oz
soap 2oz
deodorant 1oz
chapstick .5oz
moleskin .3oz
bd ion headlamp 1.6oz
paclite littium 9volt 1oz
id .1oz
credit card .1oz
mac card .1oz
cell and charger7oz


01-15-2006, 15:27