View Full Version : I think final clothing list?

11-12-2016, 16:32
Sleep: mid merino top/bottom
hw socks

In and out of the pack worn as needed:
Merino 150 t-shirt
Merino 190 zip long
R-1 hoodie
Ghost whisperer hooded
Precip top/bottom
zip off pants
fleece gloves
wool beanie
2 darn tough

I'll have a bandanna and such too, add shorts, another t-shirt later but that is my clothing and I'm thinking it is pretty solid?

11-12-2016, 16:53
Depends when you're starting. You have a lot of top layers. short, long, sleep top, hooded fleece, precip top, and down puffy.

The puffy is in a different category, for camp, or maybe sleeping, so bring that and ignore it for the rest of my post.

On the trail I wore a long t the first few weeks, then a short T for the next 6 weeks. I slept in a wool long T. After the first two weeks, I ended up carrying a long hiking T that I never wore. That got sent home. I never needed to hike in a fleece even once, I was just sweating too much for that.

Depending on when you're starting you can probably dump the daytime long T and fleece hoodie, and never miss them.

Oh, and for sleeping, I wore a stretched out pair of mens dress socks instead of anything heavy. I didn't like my feet being compressed tightly at night, and they were really light. Didn't even need those most nights, and eventually sent them home, and would just use my short sleeve t over my feet at night on occasion.

11-12-2016, 17:48
I forgot to add that I'll start March 9th.

The puffy is a camp and/or necessary.

Skinny Rooster
11-12-2016, 20:58
Suggest water proof mitten covers to go over the fleece gloves.

11-13-2016, 23:31
I like the Ghost Whisperer pick. Highly reviewed and you can find them in a ugly color online for around 180. I plan on getting one for my hike.