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11-29-2016, 14:32
....do you buy those a size up same as boots?

11-29-2016, 15:15
With so many variables, the answer is always "It depends."
My latest shoes are La Sportiva Ultra Raptors. They are European sized. I originally bought size 43 at REI last February. Thank goodness I purchased them from REI. I didn't get to use them for real backpacking until September. After a long day downhill, I ended up with a couple of discolored toenails.
When I got home I immediately exchanged them for size 43.5. Thanks for the 1 year trial period REI!
I wear size 8 1/2 American made dress shoes. My hiking footwear varies from size 9 to 9 1/2 to the 10 1/2 Ultra Raptors. Go figure.

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Rex Clifton
11-29-2016, 15:31
La Sportivas Wildcats run really small. I have to go one and a half sizes up from my dress shoes.

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11-29-2016, 15:38
For hiking, I add a 1/2 size to what I normally wear around town. This allows for some swelling of the feet and thicker socks if needed for warmth.