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12-04-2016, 22:51
Little Debbie
Jester's Mom

If you have had or heard of Jesters Mom's baked goods she makes out of the kindness of her heart, you have drooled with the best of us.
hikers know moist. You can put that in the bluebook.
Hikers at jester's showing of his new movie at the Doyel this weekend saw the usuall spread of Pat's baked goids. At one point i took the still uncut chocolat cake over to dancer and rmeethan , two hikers attending, gave it to them and said," feel the weight."
They smiled as they realized what was goin down. Popcorn popped, chocolat cake so dense light cannot approch its borders shone like a black knight in sweet armore.
The movie played as Pats peanutbutter and rice crispy balls rolled with the punches of a night that would see surgar indused coma replace hiking as the drug of choice.
Heres my prob....
Im a matthewski. We have the ability to see baked goods thru time.
i see hers ruleing with an ironic fist.
Why cant Jesters Mom's creations be a big buissness with a hiker comune and feilds of choclate chip bushes with drumcircles and a hippy cake factory? WHY NOT???
If you, like me and so many have enjoyed her love, i wanna know your as frustrated as me we dont have her goodys all up and down our trail in mass.
Baltimore jacks beloved dedicated cherry cheesecake was legendary.
It was a church. Hikers worshiped there.

Another Kevin
12-05-2016, 00:12
Little Debbie
Jester's Mom

Overload Cheesecake for the win!

12-05-2016, 00:26
Put me down for a box of wagon wheels, ya know what...make it two!

Old Hiker
12-05-2016, 16:52
'scuse meeeeeee??????? As a LONG time Southern gentleman, I NEVER, EVER heard of Whoopie Pies until I was up nawth. Please put them into the list, esp. the raspberry ones.

Sarcasm the elf
12-05-2016, 17:05
Put me down for a box of wagon wheels, ya know what...make it two!

12-05-2016, 18:21
The westward expansion is directly proportional to where the wagon broke down as evidenced by half wagon wheels displayed thusly in the flowerbeds across the county.