View Full Version : Healthy Food Ideas For Hiking And Living

01-17-2006, 17:50
I'm a diabetic hiker and my food concerns while hiking have always been a little different than the average bear. Many people seem to be interested in hiking for physical fitness and weight loss reasons, but the thru-hiker lifestyle is often full of bad food, periods of gluttony between periods of starvation, and other not so healthy aspects. Even the best athletes find it difficult to grow or preserve muscle during weight-loss, much has been written on this subject. Body builders first "bulk" and then "cut" for this reason. For instance, I carry a bag of those little carrots out of town, and they usually last a day or two. Fresh spinach is light and will last a day or so in your food bag...protien powder is good...What other healthy eating, muscle preserving food tips and diet ideas have other health-minded hikers come up with?