View Full Version : Overview maps of the WMNF showing all Forest Protection Areas

12-07-2016, 22:06
If you are at work or otherwise away from you paper maps and doing some initial planning of a hike in the Whites, here are three good overview maps.

On special features is that they show the 200 foot, quarter mile and alpine "no camping areas" for those interested in that.


Here are links to the PDFs on line:


12-08-2016, 19:43
Thanks for posting the links. Looking over the areas I visit often I found some surprises. Apparently you can legally camp right on the trail in a lot more places than I'd have thought. No wonder you are always mentioning that fact when folks say there aren't. :)

I've bookmarked these for planning trips into areas I haven't been yet. I have the entire set of AMC maps and a mess of online mapping tools, but the info on where its legal to camp on these is quite valuable. Again, thanks!

12-08-2016, 23:26
Do note the FS can and will deem certain normally legal spots as closed by posting them in the field. They apparently don't need to post them on line and let hikers be surprised when hiking. The stretch of the ridgeline to the west of the trail just outside the Liberty FPA has been extensively posted in the past.

12-09-2016, 04:57
The camping restrictions marked on those maps correspond to specific published Forest Service Orders:


Apart from the signs Peak Bagger references, I don't know of many signs prohibiting camping outside of these areas, but no doubt there are a few. I have my doubts as to whether long-term postings in the absence of a Supervisor's Order is order is any more legal than the "no parking" sign that Madona put in front of her Manhattan home, but should be respected

12-09-2016, 05:42
It should also be noted that some signs in the Whites simply get the rules wrong.

These are the ones that look to capture complex rules in one or two lines, and make excessively broad statements as you enter a posted FPA.

In a few spots, you will find signs doing this as you enter a specific Wilderness Area with regard to camping restrictions near water.