View Full Version : Hughes Gap parking

12-23-2016, 14:23
Anyone have any info on whether or not it would be safe to leave a vehicle overnight at Hughes Gap? Thinking about an overnight trip starting there and ending at Hwy 19 on New Years day. Thanks

12-23-2016, 15:26
We parked overnight at Hughes Gap in June of last year. Will be returning one of these days to finish our last weekend section south of Virginia. We would park there again with no hesitation.

12-23-2016, 17:44
I've parked there in the past without issues.

12-23-2016, 23:01
I've not parked there but Hughes to 19E is a pretty big step off for an overnight. you've done this before? the distance is only 21.5 miles but almost 6000' of elevation change...